Beatnik Turtle's Indie Band Survival Guide

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Beatnik Turtle's Indie Band Survival Guide


Beatnik Turtle's Indie Band Survival Guide - PDF - 102pp


Beatnik Turtle is not a plethora of propinquitous popinjays trying to scam some extra page views with a free ebook, but a very hard working and pleasantly prolific group with a long history, deep musical experience and an engaging sense of humor.

When not looking for them on their own website, the IndieGuide website, or their Song of the Day they can be found at YouTube, facebook, Reverb Nation, Bebo, MySpace, iLike,, Amazon, Rhapsody, CDbaby, and iTunes.  And they've always had a pretty cool sharing policy, supporting CreativeCommons before it was cool.

This ebook is packed with great stuff to think about and useful tips for getting things done. It even includes an online Book Extras with articles and links specific to supporting the book.

Indie Band Survival Guide, and its companion The DIY Music Manual is also available in hardcopy.

  • Myths and Traditions
  • Do It Yourself
  • The Business of the Band
  • Your Website: Your Band's 24/7 Ambassador
  • Promoting Your Music
  • File Sharing: An Independent Band's Perspective
  • Putting on Great Shows
  • Recording an Album
  • Copyright for Independent Bands
  • Conclusion
  • About the Authors

This book is available, with more free ebooks with a free membership registration at, which also has 56 How-To articles that are pretty neat.


Beatnik Turtle



Beatnik Turtle's Indie Band Survival Guide - PDF - 102pp


Beatnik Turtle's Indie Band Survival Guide - PDF - 102pp


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PDF - 102pp



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Good advice from a group with 18 albums under their belt.



Beatnik Turtle, “Beatnik Turtle's Indie Band Survival Guide,” An Open Educational Resource Library, accessed June 18, 2019,

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