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The Beginner's Guide for Fatdog64, a 64 bit version of Puppy Linux, courtesy of smokey01.

"This is the same Pupserver435 but using rcrsn51's tng samba server."
User jrb on the Puppy Linux forum page:

"Pupserver435 (80 MB iso file) is a dedicated samba file and print server designed to be as easy as possible to use, no configuration required."

"It is an extremely barebones Puppy431 with the full samba-3.0.26 package, cups-1.1.23, and…

Puppy Linux 4.3 Default Wallpaper

This edition is in TiddlyWiki format, allowing many features of a small wiki site to be contained in a single HTML file.

While a nice stand alone getting started ebook, when viewed in a browser on a computer connected to the internet the content…

A blue desktop wallpaper with the The Free software song.

"The Free software song"
Sung to the melody of Sadi Moma

A desktop background featuring a photo of Albert with a Gnu logo in he upper right corner and "Think Freely." in small letters below the gnu.

A little wiki website powered by the ro wiki engine containing collected help and information files for Fatdog64, a 64 bit version of Puppy Linux . Made for Fatdog fans to unzip into their localhost folder of choice.

How to get started using Puppy Linux 4.1.2 and the programs that come bundled with it.

In the first 24 pages Alex walks a new user through the process of downloading Puppy Linux 4.3, burning a bootable CD, and booting the user's system to Puppy Linux version 4.3.

The balance of the ebook is comprised of step-by-step instructions on…