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Good Knowledge Networks

Good Knowledge Networks provide stuff you trust, like factual, researched information (with sources) that is helpful in problem solving as opposed to knowledge that is put out to confound an issue, distract attention from needful data streams, confuse voters into working against their own best interests -- the usual baloney that only makes it harder to solve our problems as a society and a nation. Society cannot solve the problems it faces (and will continue to face) with the same superstition and dogma that got us into this mess.

Occupy has been about the Good Knowledge since Day Zero.
It has been about accurate analysis of our problems and horizontally democratic solutions that empower people to work things out more locally in assemblies rather than autocratically.

There are no official Good Knowledge Networks, just like their are no main leaders in Occupy. They sprout and grow organically among networks of people who are sharing information they can rely on to be reliable and useful in order to plan the actions to realize their dreams and ambitions.

Bad Knowledge Networks are all based on loads of bullcrap: deceptive advertising, propaganda, and malicious misinformation only provide profit, power, and lulz to the few at the expense of the many and have hurt us as a nation and as a society. It is time for them to fade away while we build new societies and economies within the crumbling shell of the old and rotting empire. With the rising from the dumpsters the praetorian enforcers tossed them in to the ever rising trends in internet nodes of people sharing quests for truth, honest debate and lists of solutions to their problems, the Good Knowledge Networks are our points of light against the dark. In the late sixties the Yippie!s wanted the free freedom, not the packaged marketing crap designed to manufacture consent for more and more war instead of deliver the Liberty and Freedom it promised. The search goes on today. But it isn't just the jokers, the tokers, the hipsters, and the tripsters looking any more. It's ever approaching 99% of us. People want to know what is going on and what they can do about their condition. They want truth and there is an open invitation to everybody: Come know with us.

Our Nodes

OccupyEducated where the goal isn't to tell anyone what to think, but simply to give them access to information that makes them think.

The People's Virtual Library is intended as a complement to Occupy Educated, the virtual library of #OccupyWallStreet, and focuses largely on collected materials of interest to the the Occupations of NE Ohio and surrounding regions.

Occupy Baltimore The People's Library

The People's Library of Occupy Chicago

The People's Library pdx - Portland, OR

Seattle People's Library

The People's Library of Occupy Vancouver