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Items in the Occupy Art Collection

An infographic charting the votes of the US Senate on NDAA, listing the senators who voted for it and those who voted against it.

This infographic from alecexposed.org and shutdownthecorporations.org provides a brief history and overview of ALEC and what it does.

"On February 23, 2013, the Bradley Manning Support Network is asking supporters to take action internationally in protest of Bradley’s 1,000 day imprisoned without trial." "For the occassion, the BeanLab has produced an A3 poster highlighting…

"Trying to keep the chart up with current events. The other day, Oakland declared umbrellas to be "structures" and ticketed the multi-faith "structure" that was there. The line between the real and the absurd is getting kind of tough to find these…

This infographic comparing the financial collapses between Iceland and the USA shows the differences in the results of their respective collapses.

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