The Suffering of Being Kafka


New English and Hebrew Short Fiction
By: Sam Vaknin
The Author of: Requesting My Loved One
(Miskal-Yedioth Aharonot, 1997)

A collection that has been hosted by GorgeLink.Org for many years now at and will now be artfully mirrored here as soon as Sam gets over his surprise and logs-in.

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Table of Contents

English Language (with Reading Guides)

Beheaded Cart :

The Butterflies are Laughing :

Janusz Courts Dina :

Redemption :

The Con Man Cometh :

Madeleine's Future :

Out Kid :

Pet Snail :

Write Me a Letter :

A Language of Black and Red :

Pierre's Friends :

The Last Days :

The Bus to Town :

My Affair with Jesus :

Death of the Poet :

Shalev is Silent :

Blind Date :

Nothing is Happening at Home :

Harmony :

Mindgames Tales

The Capgras Shift :

I Hear Voices :

Folie a Plusieurs :

The Elephant's Call :

Night Terror :

Anton's Trap :

A Dream Come True :

Lucid Dreams :

Live Burial :

The Galatea of Cotard :

Fugue :

Sexsomnia :

See the site for works in Hebrew with English Translation.

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