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Puppy Linux is a small (50M - 200M) Linux distribution originated by Barry Kauler. It was small enough to fit on a 50M credit card sized CD, along with a collection of programs, and boot just about any old box in the basement that had 64 Megs of RAM. Since then the enthusiastic Puppy community has grown and Puppians are turning up all over the planet in previously unimagined places.

Because the operating system and a healthy collection of applications, even in the smaller puplets, is usually under 256M it all runs neatly in RAM, adding speed and extended usability for even old Pentium II and Pentium III machines that will no longer run XP, but run up-to-date versions of new web browsers and Flashplayer and other players for other multi-media codecs under Puppy.

Keeping old computers out of the landfill is a part of our dedication to the land, and to the eco-systems upon it, and Puppy Linux is a great way to help do that because it is so extensible and flexible. Creating your own custom version is a snap, so variations and tailorizations abound, giving a rich set of choices (called puplets by Puppians) for filling user needs, whether from a simple home office file server, to a home multi-media and entertainment center, to an office and business desktop to a full blown multi-media workstation capable of running a radio station, recording a new album or animating a movie.

Puppy Linux is also a wonderful open educational tool in that all students in a given class can all in-expensively share the same open source software tools even though their group may have a significant variation in "horsepower" in computer systems students would find in their homes.

This collection will feature documentation on various topics of interest to Puppy Linux users and enthusiasts and a selection of ISO images for bootable CD and USB file system images of puplets with a focus on versions tailored to educators.


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The Beginner's Guide for Fatdog64, a 64 bit version of Puppy Linux, courtesy of smokey01.

"This is the same Pupserver435 but using rcrsn51's tng samba server."
User jrb on the Puppy Linux forum page:

"Pupserver435 (80 MB iso file) is a dedicated samba file and print server designed to be as easy as possible to use, no configuration required."

"It is an extremely barebones Puppy431 with the full samba-3.0.26 package, cups-1.1.23, and…

Puppy Linux 4.3 Default Wallpaper

This edition is in TiddlyWiki format, allowing many features of a small wiki site to be contained in a single HTML file.

While a nice stand alone getting started ebook, when viewed in a browser on a computer connected to the internet the content…

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