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Although open content licences only account for a fraction of all copyright licences currently in force in the copyright world, the mentality change initated by the open content movement is here to stay. To promote the use of open…

by Judy Baker, Ph.D.

1 OER Introduction
2 OER Open Courseware
3 OER Fair Use, Copyright, and TEACH Act
4 OER Identifying Sources
5 OER Discipline-Specific Sources
6 OER Public Domain Textbook Sources
7 OER Use of Primary Sources
8 OER…

Open Educational Resources and Practices
Sandra Schaffert and Dr. Guntram Geser, SalZburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft, Dept EduMedia
February 2008

Guidelines for Open Educational Resources in Higher Education

7 Things You Should Know About Open Educational Resources

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