Haiku OS


Haiku OS is a descendent of Be OS designed to run on the x86-32 (i586 and newer) computers.

"Haiku reimplements both the BeOS technologies as well as the end user experience, but it is far from being based on BeOS from a code base perspective. The only BeOS code that has made it into Haiku are Tracker and the Deskbar (the file manager and the equivalent of the start menu/taskbar, respectively). These were open sourced by Be Inc. back in 2001, later forked under the OpenTracker project, and eventually merged into the Haiku code base. The rest is either homebuilt code or derivatives of existing open source software." ~~Haiku faq

This collection will be mostly documentation relevant to Haiku OS along with some programs or code sources that could be considered as open educational resources for educators and learners.

Haiku will run on old systems and may have many uses to extend their life cycle by re-purposing them as file servers, custom workstations for special learning experiences, or simply an educational games box.


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Items in the Haiku OS Collection

Programming the Be Operating System by Dan Parks Sydow

(note: written against the BeOS API circa R3/R4, this book is good as a general introduction, but not a definitive guide on how to develop applications in/for Haiku)

Practical File System Design with the Be File System by Dominic Giampaolo

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