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About this library

This library is here because Carl, the owner and Ric, the webmaster of Extra Terrestrial Trucking are committed to Open Educational Resources and to the Librarians of Occupy Wall Street.

We wanted to share space and bandwidth to promote Open Education as well as provide one more little resource for some, or all, of the Librarians of Occupy Wall Street to do even more of the amazing stuff they do by offering a place in the cloud to catalog collections.

If you are looking for a huge archive here of Open Educational Resources here, you would be better off to skip over to College Open Textbooks, Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources, or Open Educational Resources at Archive.Org.

(Open educational resources @ Wikipedia may also be helpful, too).

If you are looking for the OWS Library, it has risen from the dumpsters where it was tossed by the authorities and blossomed into OccupyEducated whose goal isn't to tell anyone what to think, but simply to give them access to information that makes them think. That, and provide a place that is a universal classroom and meeting place that can’t be dispersed. Or have learning materials thrown in any dumpsters by praetorian muscle of the 1%.

The People's Virtual Library is intended as a complement to Occupy Educated, the virtual library of #OccupyWallStreet, and focuses largely on collected materials of interest to the the Occupations of NE Ohio and surrounding regions.

Occupy Baltimore The People's Library

The People's Library of Occupy Chicago

The People's Library pdx - Portland, OR

Seattle People's Library

The People's Library of Occupy Vancouver

The distribution permissions for our part of this website are non-commercial, share alike. Any specific item in any collection will each have its own licensing permissions and restrictions, which often will be different than the one for the webpages of this web site.
These permissions will be stated in the write up for each item and will always take precedence over the non-commercial, share alike we have on the code for these web pages .

While this collection may seem tiny right now, it is OpenAccess. There are no log-ins for average users to access our content and nobody has to give out an email addie to get a goofy download link . (How freaking anonymous is that?) With our philosophy of Continuous Improvement it will grow at it's own pace and become as large as it is ever going to be. Being one more little node on the Good Knowledge Network that is the Libraries of Occupy is a fine thing to be, no matter how big (or small) your bookshelf is.

Come know with us!